The Ultimate Guide to Buying Steel Deck Framing

When it comes to building a durable and long-lasting deck, steel deck framing is increasingly becoming the material of choice for both contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Unlike traditional wood framing, steel offers superior strength, longevity, and resistance to rot, wood boring pests, and fire.

However, finding a reliable source to purchase steel deck framing can be a challenge, as it is not commonly available at most local hardware stores. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best places to buy steel deck framing, with a special focus on specialty building material suppliers like

Why Choose Steel Deck Framing?

Before diving into where to buy steel deck framing, let’s quickly review why it’s a preferred choice for many builders:

  1. Durability: Steel framing won’t warp, twist, or split like wood, ensuring a stable and long-lasting structure.
  2. Low Maintenance: Unlike wood, steel doesn’t require regular treatments or staining to maintain its integrity.
  3. Pest and Rot Resistance: Steel is impervious to termites, wood-boring insects, and rot, making it an ideal choice for any climate.
  4. Fire Resistance: Steel framing is non-combustible, offering an added layer of safety to your outdoor living space.
  5. Straight, Level and Consistent: Steel joists are manufactured to be perfectly straight and level and stay that way. Wood joists should be planed perfectly level before laying deck boards and can move overtime with seasonal changes.
  6. Longer Spans: Steel allows for greater spans which means fewer posts blocking your views.
  7. Designer Looks: Green pressure treated framing is not visually appealing. The black powder coated steel framing looks much nicer especially on two story decks where you see a lot more of the deck frame.

Where to Buy Steel Deck Framing

Specialty Building Material Suppliers

The best place to start your search for steel deck framing is with specialty building material suppliers. These suppliers focus on providing high-quality and often hard-to-find materials for specific construction needs. is an excellent example of such a supplier, offering a wide range of decking materials, including steel deck framing systems. is known for its premium products, expertise in decking materials and excellent customer service. Their steel deck framing options are designed to provide a strong, reliable foundation for your deck, ensuring longevity and durability.

By choosing a specialty supplier like, you can also benefit from expert advice and guidance on the best materials for your project. The galvanized steel deck framing sold by Advantage Lumber is Made in the USA by New Castle Steel.

New Castle Steel deck framing is made with American steel in American factories. Additionally New Castle Steel deck framing is more cost effective than similar framing systems made overseas with foreign steel.

One other important factor is New Castle Steel framing is available in a thicker gauge metal and triple coated system. Some foreign made systems are thinner gauge metal and only two coated.


Steel deck framing is a superior choice for building a durable, low-maintenance deck. While it may not be readily available at most local stores, specialty building material suppliers like are excellent sources for high-quality steel framing systems. By exploring online retailers and local fabricators, you can find the perfect steel deck framing solution to suit your project’s needs.

Remember, investing in quality materials upfront can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. Happy building!

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