2023 Project Contest Winners!

We’re happy to announce the 2023 Project Contest Winners!

2023 Exterior Project Winners

1st Place Exterior Contest Winner
Peter S
Mahogany (Red Balau) Decking & Siding

2nd Place Exterior Contest Winner
Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) Decking & Siding
3rd Place Exterior Contest Winner
Ryan W
Cumaru (Brazilin Teak) Decking

Exterior Projects – Honorable Mentions

2023 Interior Projects Contest Winners

1st Place Interior Contest Winner
James W.
Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) Modern Ceiling

2nd Place Interior Contest Winner
Michelle M.
Mahogany (Red Balau) Privacy Louvers
3rd Place Interior Contest Winner
Zachary T.
Tigerwood Fireplace Slats w/Black Walnut Mantle

Woodworking Project Contest Winners

1st Place Woodworking Contest Winner
Bernie M.
Walnut Laterns
2nd Place Woodworking Contest Winner
Johnna M.
Charles Spurgeon Replica Pulpit
3rd Place Woodworking Contest Winner
Bill K.
Monkey Pod Slab Bathroom Counter coated w/WiseBond Epoxy

Woodworking Projects – Honorable Mentions

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4 thoughts on “2023 Project Contest Winners!”

  1. I’m looking over the pictures of your project winners and I’m curious if the projects that have paneled ceilings, are they using the same lumber used for decking, or do you have a thinner lumber option for ceilings?

  2. Excellent initiative to have this contest. I loved what I saw (and then I checked out some other Advantage things on your web-site).

    Congrats Advantage team. Even though I am a previous customer from Canada, you are my go to guys for my next ipe project. Seeing your contest has got me to advance my planning.

  3. The 1st place interior project used decking but it’s important to note we have kiln dried decking and air dried decking. The kiln dried has a lower moisture content so it would be closer to moisture content for drier climates like Arizona or indoor use applications. When using KD decking indoors you can still experience some movement depending on how climate controlled your house is. On this project they used an open joint design where there are larger gaps and you can see the ceiling behind is black so with this design a little seasonal movement like expansion or contraction is not a problem. We also have many interior ceiling products that are prefinished tongue and groove and end matched for faster install and less waste. We also mill our outdoor decking into ceiling profiles like v-groove, shiplap, nickel gap and more for porches, gazebos, soffit and more.

  4. Glad to hear and thank you for you past and future business we truly appreciate it! Let us know if you have any questions, need samples or anything else we can help you with on your planning we will be glad to help.

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