How to Build a Rooftop Deck on a Pitched Roof

Most flat roofs are unused outdoor square footage that many homeowners can’t afford to waste in a big city that usually doesn’t offer much for a backyard.

Building a rooftop deck on a pitched roof with DeckWise pedestals and hardwood deck tiles is a multi-step process, involving planning, measuring, construction, and finishing. DeckWise is a popular brand known for its durable and high-quality outdoor decking products.

Please ensure that you have all necessary permission and permits for such a construction, and hire a professional if you are not sure about handling any of the steps.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to construct your deck:

First determine which DeckWise pedestal system you need, there are 3 different pedestals which allow for different starting minimum heights. The following diagrams will help you determine which system you might need based on your roof pitch.

Altitudes Pedestal® SJB-4156

Altitudes Pedestal® SPVC-2656

Altitudes Pedestal® SPVC-15

Materials and Tools Needed

  1. DeckWise Adjustable Pedestals
  2. Advantage Deck Tiles
  3. Safety goggles and gloves
  4. Spirit level
  5. Tape measure
  6. Saw (if needed)
  7. Drill with bits and screwdriver attachment
  8. Stainless steel screws


  1. Planning: First, sketch out your rooftop deck area, noting down any obstructions or unique characteristics. You’ll need to measure the area and figure out how many tiles and pedestals you will need. For the tiles, consider the size of each tile and the total square footage of your deck.
  2. Preparation: Make sure your rooftop is clean and free of any debris. The surface should be flat, dry, and stable.
  3. Placement of Pedestals: Begin by placing the DeckWise adjustable pedestals at the corners of your planned deck area. Pedestals should be no more than 24″ apart (for 24″x24″ tiles) to ensure that each corner of every tile will rest on a pedestal.
  4. Leveling: Use the spirit level to ensure that the pedestals are all level with each other. This is an important step because an uneven deck can be a tripping hazard. The DeckWise pedestals are adjustable, meaning you can change the height to account for any slope on your rooftop.
  5. Laying the Tiles: Start placing your hardwood deck tiles on top of the pedestals. Align each tile so that the corners are resting on a pedestal. The weight of the tile will keep it in place. It’s typically recommended to start from one corner and work your way across the deck, making sure each tile is flush with its neighbors.
  6. Cutting Tiles: If you need to fit tiles around obstacles or at the edges of your deck, you may need to cut them. Measure and mark where you need to cut, and use a saw to carefully trim the tile. Always wear safety goggles and gloves when cutting.
  7. Securing the Tiles: Depending on the specific system you’re using, you may need to secure the tiles to the pedestals or to each other. In many cases, the weight of the tiles will hold the deck together, but you can use stainless steel screws if necessary.
  8. Finishing Touches: Inspect the deck for any inconsistencies. Check the level of the entire area once more, making sure that everything is even.
  9. Maintenance: Lastly, ensure that your deck is well maintained. Hardwood tiles might need to be oiled periodically to keep them in good condition, and you should regularly check the deck to make sure no tiles have shifted or pedestals have moved.

Remember, every deck construction project is unique, and there may be other factors or challenges you need to consider. These steps should give you a general idea of how to build a rooftop deck with DeckWise pedestals and hardwood deck tiles.

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