The 7 Deadly Sins of Deck Building: Sin #1 – Envy

Learning about the entire deck building process can help you have the deck of your dreams!
Learning about the entire deck building process can help you have the deck of your dreams!

Your neighbor has just finished a new backyard renovation. With their renovation they built a brand new composite deck that looks stunning. Every morning you walk out onto your older deck and you just catch yourself staring endlessly at what they’ve done with their place.

A few months have passed and you have made the decision build a new deck. You decide to talk to them about their decision and learn from their experience. After your conversation, you learned a lot about the entire deck building process.

Composite Decks are not all they’re “cracked” up to be!

Your neighbor tells you how their composite deck, which looked so gorgeous in the beginning, has begun to have problems. Mold. some peeling and fade faster than they expected it to. They contacted the manufacturer of the material, and although they will replace the deformed boards, they will not pay for the labor associated with the install. If only they had a contractor they could trust!

A good contractor can make or break the process.

They went with a contractor who gave them the lowest cost and who seemed promising, but he came and went as he pleased. Outlining a solid contract with a time frame and scheduled payments protects you and the contractor so you both know your job will be completed and their payment(s) will be received.

Choosing the right material, and you’ll never replace your deck again.

When you spend a pretty penny on a deck, the last thing you want to think about is having to replace it in a few years. When you choose a proven material like Advantage Ipe™ or Advantage Cumaru™ you’re building the last deck you’ll ever need. These materials are made to last 50+ years without any chemicals or preservatives.

In the end, you might envy your neighbor’s deck, but if you’re open to learning from their mistakes you can build a deck worthy of your time and efforts.

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