Deck Design

Deck Design

Ideas for Your Hardwood Deck

What have other people done with hardwood decking? That’s what the Deck Design feature of this blog is all about.

Here, you’ll find some of the best homes that are using hardwood materials to their fullest potential.

Are you an Advantage Lumber customer that wants their project to be featured?  Contact us via email. Send at least 2-3 high res pictures and written permission to use them and you can get your home or business’s wood deck, siding, or flooring in the Deck Design feature!

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10 thoughts on “Deck Design”

  1. I have received my Tigerwood & Ipe wood order. I have dry piled the boards and planning to install them after they climatize. What is the recommended distance from the edge of the board for the screws for 5/4 thick material? What is the minimum distance from the end of the board to reduce splitting? Thanks for any advise you can recommend.

    Roy Kibermanis

  2. Interested to build railing on a IPE deck, ipe purchased from your Buffalo store. We like to have an estimate , using both wires with stainless steel poles and ipe (wood) poles and wood verticals .

    How long does it take after the order is placed?

    Thank you very much.
    Sincerely yours,
    Ecaterina Petrina

  3. Hi Petru,

    I’ll send your request to one of our sales people and they’ll get back to you with a quote. In the quote they’ll also give you a lead time.

    Thank you,

  4. I am using ipe as decking material for a dock in Florida. I want to face screw boards to the joists using stainless steel screws and ipe plugs.
    –After ipe installed should I sand entire deck?
    I will need to sand over all the ipe plugs anyways and I want to make sure deck is the same everywhere for an even stain.
    –Do I sand the deck before or after it is cleaned?
    –Do I apply stain soon after installation or should I wait for boards to weather some?

  5. You certainly can sand the entire deck, but it’s not required. I would sand before you clean it, that way you’ll clean up any remaining dust from the sanding. We recommend applying oil soon after installation.

  6. What is the allowable overhang for 1×6? That is: beyond the edge of the deck frame that has 16″ joist spacing.

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