5 Innovative Uses for TimberTech Decking

TimberTech decking is renowned for its durability, aesthetics, and versatility. While many homeowners and builders primarily use it for decking, its potential applications extend far beyond the traditional deck. Let’s explore some of the innovative ways you can incorporate TimberTech decking into your home or outdoor space.

1. Soffit

TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking – English Walnut Used as Soffit

The soffit is the material that bridges the gap between a home’s exterior wall and the outer edge of the roof. Using TimberTech decking as a soffit can provide a unique and cohesive look, especially if the same material is used for the deck or other parts of the home. TimberTech’s resistance to moisture and decay makes it an excellent choice for this application, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

2. Wrapping Columns and Structural Timbers

TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking – English Walnut used to wrap columns

TimberTech decking can be used to wrap around columns or structural timbers, giving them a modern and polished appearance. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking to hide unsightly or aging columns. The wrapped columns not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also benefit from the added protection against the elements, thanks to TimberTech’s durable properties.

3. Siding

TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking – English Walnut used as siding

TimberTech decking can be repurposed as a unique siding material. Its range of colors and finishes can provide a contemporary and stylish look to any home. As siding, TimberTech offers the benefits of being resistant to rot, insects, and UV rays, ensuring that the home’s exterior remains vibrant and damage-free for years.

4. Built-in Benches

A built-in bench built with TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in English Walnut

Why stop at just a deck when you can have built-in benches made of the same material? TimberTech decking can be used to craft beautiful and durable built-in benches that seamlessly blend with the deck. These benches not only offer additional seating but also create a harmonious look in the outdoor space. Plus, being made of TimberTech, they’re built to last, ensuring countless seasons of relaxation and enjoyment.

5. Deck Railing Cap

TimberTech AZEK Decking, English Walnut used as a railing cap

A deck’s railing is not just a safety feature; it’s also a significant design element. Using TimberTech decking as a railing cap can provide a consistent and cohesive look to the entire deck. The railing cap can be the finishing touch that ties the whole design together, and with TimberTech’s range of colors and finishes, you can find the perfect match for any aesthetic.


TimberTech decking’s versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal make it a prime choice for various applications beyond just decking. Whether you’re looking to revamp your home’s exterior or add unique features to your outdoor space, TimberTech offers a range of solutions that are both functional and stylish. So, the next time you’re considering a home improvement project, think outside the box and consider the many ways TimberTech decking can elevate your space.

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