Presidents Day CA Yard Sale!

Our Santa Fe Springs, CA will be having a Yard Sale on Saturday February 13th between 8am-12pm!

If you’re in the area, come take a look at all our exotic Brazilian decking bundles as well as our discount 1×4+Plus Cumaru and Tigerwood decking. Stop by and get a free mix firewood bundle.

This is your chance to save in any outdoor wood project.

Below are just a few of the bundles we’ll have packed and ready to go, plus there are many more available.

If you have any questions give us a call at 562-205-1872. One of our sales reps will be happy to help you.

DC1181: 21mmx1 ¼” Ipe

Total LF: 1723



DC1182: 5/4×2 Ipe

Total LF: 502



DC1183: 1×6 B-Grade Ipe T&G

Total LF: 699



DC1184: 1×6 B-Grade Cumaru Rainscreen

Total LF: 90



DC1185: 21mmx6 B-Grade Cumaru Pregrooved

Total LF: 147



DC1186: 1×4 B-Grade Ipe T&G

Total LF: 822



DC1188: 2×6 B-Grade Ipe

Total LF: 95



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