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How NOT to Deep Fry a Turkey

The holidays are here! This means we get to enjoy time off with the family and eating lots of delicious food! A staple of many dinner tables during the holidays is a deep fried turkey. This is a popular way to cook a turkey because it creates a searing effect that seals in a lot of the juices that tend to escape with traditional cooking.

Deep frying a turkey is a dangerous. It takes practice and patience to master. If you are planning on deep frying a turkey for your holiday dinner, please take precaution. A frozen turkey should NEVER be deep fried; it HAS to be completely thawed.

Now, you may be thinking “people deep fry frozen foods all the time, why is this any different?” First, take into account that oil and water don’t mix. They are mutually exclusive which is why hot oil splashes if there’s any water in the food you’re cooking. Second, a frozen turkey is essentially covered in water inside and out. The result of this combination leads to explosive bubbling of oil (well over 300 Degrees Fahrenheit) coming out of the pot and spilling to an open flame leading to an out of control grease fire. The following videos will give you a small idea of what can happen.


If you are going to deep fry a turkey we recommend  to do it over soil, gravel, or concrete (but it can potentially be stained by the grease) and ALWAYS away from your home, any trees, and even your deck!

Still planning on deep frying a turkey? Do it safely and check out this article for a quick guide on How to Deep Fry a Turkey!

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