Deck Collapses Are Increasing…But Why?

Unfortunately, deck collapses like this one are happening far too often. Old decks that were made with the wrong fasteners, rotting ledgers, and in many cases, neglect are the primary factors. When it comes to fasteners, nails are the worst kind since they don’t hold to the material well and often slip out after years of use.

If your deck builder didn’t build to code and rushed through the installation process, you might find many loose boards, unsecured railings, or deteriorating flashing. When you add these factors together you can see why so many decks are failing and causing massive injuries across the country.

If you own a deck that’s more than 15 years old, now is the time to perform an annual deck inspection.

Original story: Engineers Investigating After Deck Buckles at Oceanfront Restaurant (photos and video)

Sadly, in just the past few weeks, there have been more horrible deck collapses.

What should you do if you own an older deck? What if you just bought a home with a deck?

Get a deck inspection from a licensed contractor. Hopefully, you choose someone who is familiar with today’s building codes and who can point out any issues that are in need of immediate, or future repair. Contact your local building department or NADRA chapter to find professionals in your area.

What if your deck is in need of complete renovation?

Should your deck inspection reveal that it’s time to replace your deck, why not build a better one? has a full inventory of sustainably harvested decking materials. Best yet, our hardwoods fit any sized budget because we are the direct supplier. There’s no middleman which means you pay less for today’s finest decking materials.


There are over 40 million decks in the United States that are over 20 years old. Given the numbers, it’s easy to imagine that a great majority are in need of repair or replacement. If you own, or know someone who owns an old deck, now is the best time to take back your outdoor life. Why tempt fate, or worse, the inevitable collapse of your deck? If your deck was built with nails, or is older than 20 years old, now is the time to give yourself a manageable solution. Call 1-877-232-3915 to get your free decking quote.

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