Should You Repair Your Dock with Composite Decking?

Florida composite dock
Swelling. Peeling. Mold. Those are three of the problems dock owners struggle with on a daily basis.

Do you have to repair your dock and are considering composite decking? Doing your research into what makes the best material for docks is no easy task. Sure, you can find written decking reviews all over the place. You’ll also be flooded with claims that synthetic decking is low-maintenance. But, as with most things, the proof comes from how these materials actually perform over the long term.

Check out these photos to see what you can expect from a dock made of composite decking.

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There’s one common denominator in all of three of the docks you see in that gallery: water. The every day exposure to moisture is a major contributing factor to the swelling, peeling, and overall failure of composite deck boards used for docks. What about the new types of capstock decking options in the market today? One thing is for sure, the science cannot be ignored. If any part of these boards are exposed (such as the ends of the boards or any screwed down surfaces), problems like mold are bound to happen.

At the end of the day, choosing a proven hardwood like Advantage Ipe™ is your best bet. There’s a reason why cities and architects across the world choose Ipe for marine applications, boardwalks, and other projects. Call us today to see why repairing your dock with hardwood decking from is a safe, and solid choice.

But if you are set against using wood for your dock, consider a synthetic material that was made specifically for marine environments. HDPE decking is a superior plastic material for building durable, mold-resistant marine projects like docks.

2 thoughts on “Should You Repair Your Dock with Composite Decking?”

  1. Funny, my neighbors call me mr. ipe. I have done my entire deck in ipe and am about to do our dock. It has been a constant struggle here in Florida battling the sun and fading. What is the best product to prevent fading.
    Thanks, Jayme

  2. Any material can become a struggle to prevent fading specially when exposed to the sun all day.

    Based on what we’ve seen both Ipe Oil or Messmer’s UV Plus are the choices that have provided the best fade protection and usually needs a coat of the oil once a year. Having said this, depending on each location and sun exposure it could require more frequent coats.

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