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What’s the Big Deal About Our FSC® Certified Decking Anyway?

When it comes time to purchasing decking material, you need to make sure that you buy from a company with a commitment to sustainable forestry. is fortunate to be one of those companies that are authorized by the Rainforest Alliance™ to sell FSC® certified decking.  

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Deckwise™ Extreme Plugs

ipe deck with plugs

Ipe plugs keep the surface of this luxurious deck smooth.

In order to fill holes left by screws, you will need to purchase wood plugs. But if you want to go with the most secure plugs, then the Extreme Plugs is the way to go! These plugs are completely unique since they are milled with tolerance absorbing rings, which make them the safest option. You can buy the Extreme Plug in three different sizes and five wood types, Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, Tigerwood and Massaranduba. To get more technical details and options, watch these videos:

The Dynamic Colors of Advantage Cumaru Decking™

Advantage Cumaru™ decking offers a diverse range of beautiful colors.

Advantage Cumaru™ decking offers a diverse range of beautiful colors.

If you are in the market for a decking material that will “wow” year after year then look no further than Cumaru. Cumaru is an excellent option if you are looking for a wood with striking color and individuality. As you can see from the deck pictured above, this hardwood presents a gorgeous display of golden tan to reddish brown colors and dark grain accents.

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Is Hardwood Railing a Safe Choice for Your Family’s Deck?


When your deck railings get old and worn, they start to become weak and dangerous. That is, if you’re your railings are made of anything but hardwood. And I’m willing to bet that when it comes to your family, you want safety. This means that in order to ensure your family and guests stay safe on your deck, you will need to replace your softwood and/or old railings.  What if you are just now building your deck? Your choice is easy.

Railings made of Advantage hardwood, will easily last at least 25 years or longer depending on which species you choose. You can rest assured knowing that you will have attractive railings with no accidents. Another advantage to our hardwood is that your children can play safely without having to worry about splinters!

So, the answer is yes, hardwood railing is a safe choice for your family deck. It is a great choice if you’re looking to increase the safety of your deck. And, as always, be sure to check your local building codes to ensure whatever renovations you take on are up to code.

Check out our custom milled Basic and Deluxe hardwood railing system.

Buy hardwood railing direct from the mill today!

The Slip Resistance of Advantage Ipe Helps Disabled Veterans

The Ipe used for this special project was custom-milled into an anti-slip profile.

The Buggs Island Universally Accessible Launch in Roanoke, Virginia is a kayak launch specifically made for disabled veterans.

The purpose of this project was to give disabled veterans and residents a chance for some recreational therapy as well as a good time outdoors. They chose Advantage Ipe™ because of its natural slip resistance. They also chose our wood because we had the capability to custom mill each board into an anti-slip profile for even greater slip resistance. This makes the ramp ideal for both safety and water activities.

Our Ipe ensures superior traction when someone is pushing a kayak down the launch.  Besides being a safe option for fun projects, Advantage Ipe™ is a beautiful addition with superior benefits. Owners of Advantage Ipe never have to deal with mold, termites or rot. These qualities ensure that visitors can enjoy this launch for years to come.

Read more and see more pictures of the Ipe used for this special project.

If you are looking to create specialized ramps or walkways that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ASTM-C1028-89 tested), then call or visit today to get your free ipe wood quote.

Deck Tile Sale is Happening Now!

Deck Tiles Sale is Happening Right Now! Save up to 20%!

Are you waiting for the perfect time to purchase your new decking materials? Well, the perfect time is now! Our hardwood deck tiles are on sale! You can finally create that carefree, cozy, outdoor space you’ve been dying to have. These tiles are easy to install on patios, rooftops and balconies. Why settle for the look of old concrete when you can have the look of real, natural hardwoods? If you can’t give yourself a good reason, then now’s the time to invest in reinvigorating your outdoor life.

Order today and save up to 20%! We even ship deck tiles worldwide! So, don’t wait any longer; this unbelievable deal won’t last long!

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Advantage Ipe™ Deck Tile Installation on a Balcony or Terrace

Just how easy is it to install Advantage Ipe deck tiles? Watch this video and see you can turn a large balcony into an attractive deck in just one afternoon:

Renovating your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a hassle! You can get the beautiful outdoor oasis of your dreams much easier than you think. With Advantage Deck Tiles, installation is quick, easy and inexpensive! In fact, it is so simple that you can transform your old concrete patio or rooftop deck in a matter of hours!

If you’re like me, then constant deck maintenance does not excite you one bit. That’s what is so great about Ipe deck tiles. They are very low maintenance with a lifespan of over 75 years, so you can install and relax! They are even resilient to decay and mold. No muss, no fuss!

The dark walnut color of Ipe will match effortlessly to any outdoor space, whatever your style may be. Your friends will be green with envy when they see how much better your deck looks than theirs. Buy Advantage Ipe™ Deck Tiles online or call 1-877-232-3915 to get your free quote.